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About us

CMPLX Engineering Ltd was formed in 2016 by Dr Anton Shterenlikht, MInstP to provide engineering consulting services in computational solid mechanics. We specialise in Fortran; plasticity, damage and fracture mechanics; and high performance (HPC) and supercomputing applications.

Dr Shterenlikht is a senior lecturer in solid mechanics at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Bristol, UK. He has obtained his PhD in computational fracture mechanics in 2004 from the University of Sheffield, UK.

He has over 10 years experience in design, development, optimisation, maintenance and porting of Fortran codes, from Fortran 77 to the upcoming Fortran 2018, inclulding OpenMP and coarrays. Dr Shterenlikht is an expert in solid mechanics, including computational mechanics, damage and fracture mechanics, constitutive modelling, elasto-plastic mechanical behaviour of materials, finite element software for solid mechanics. He has particular expertise in using the Abaqus finite element solver and developing user material, e.g. UMAT and VUMAT, for it.

He has substantial experience in writing parallel software, from multi-core laptops to UK national supercomputers, and porting serial codes to HPC platforms.

Dr Shterenlikht has over 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences.

CMPLX Engineering are based in Bristol, UK, and offer services to engineering businesses locally, nationally and globally.

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